3TP introduces new prostate MRI tool ProStream
3TP Imaging Sciences has announced the release of a new prostate MRI product, ProStream, which is powered by the Company's proprietary fTP+ (Full-Time-Point) algorithm. ProStream includes Full-Time-Point analysis of fast dynamic contrast- enhanced series while at the same time maintaining high spatial resolution and high signal-to-noise of the images, the company said.

Many leading scientists have previously found that prostate imaging requires a fast dynamic imaging protocol due to quick contrast uptake in prostate tissue and particularly in that of cancer. On the other hand, clinical diagnosis requires high spatial resolution and good signal-to-noise values. The company's ProStream is designed for high temporal and high spatial resolution of the prostate in dynamic contrast-enhanced series. The Company has filed a provisional patent covering its ProStream product.
ProStream also is designed to streamline image capture through the elimination of the endorectal coil.

"The use of the endorectal coil disrupts workflow since the MR technologist must perform the added step of coil placement before the imaging process can begin," said Andreas Muehler, president of 3TP. "These workflow considerations alone have prompted many radiologists to avoid prostate MRI, even though a clear medical need exists. However, aside from higher scanner utilization due to the elimination of the need for coil placement, a radiology practice using our technology may avoid the cost of the disposable endorectal coil."

The ProStream product compensates for the lower image resolution, which would normally result from elimination of the endorectal coil, by using a series of proprietary software algorithms to process the image data after acquisition, the company said.