A4 Health Systems unveils HealthMatics ED Remote Chart Access
Provider of electronic medical record (EMR) software A4 Health Systems released HealthMatics ED Remote Chart Access (HMED RCA) to enable secure remote access using the internet to EMRs produced within the HealthMatics ED (emergency department) information system.

RCA allows in-house and associated caregivers access to view patients' ED EMRs. Using the tool, A4 said private physicians can provide follow-up care to patients after an ED visit as well as in-house care givers, who can gain access to the ED chart without logging into the HealthMatics ED system.

Specifically, A4 said HMED RCA will allow users to: provide entry of end-user credentials (user ID and password); list patients that may be viewed by the authorized user because they have been associated with the patient via HMED; provide an audited function to look up patients by name (restricted to select users); list available charts on the selected patient; as well as display and print the selected chart.