AAFP Survey: EHRs more affordable for small group practices
The American Academy of Family Physicians' (AAFP) Center for Health Information Technology (CHiT) has made available a free "Partners for Patients Electronic Health Record (EHR) Vendor Survey" that evaluates three dozen EHR vendors.
The survey data examines vendor user base information, new sales in 2004, demographic data about the company and its year of entry into the health information technology market.
Ownership costs of an EHR for small practices are approaching affordability and EHR companies' sales growth in 2004 was substantial, the survey says. The costs associated with an EHR still represent a significant purchase for primary care doctors, but survey data shows that the average total cost of ownership for a typical three-doctor practice -  under $10,000 per doctor per year - is approaching affordability for a large segment of the small medical practice market.
Additionally, the 27 companies surveyed that sell integrated or stand-alone EHRs, currently license 85,094 physicians - approximately 12 percent of all practicing U.S. physicians - to use those products.  
The survey results can be obtained at http://www.centerforhit.org/x983.xml.