Accenture looks at the future of health IT with several prototype systems
Accenture at HIMSS06 last month in San Diego showcased interactive healthcare prototypes -- Hospital Tracking System, Online Health Services, and Digital Pen and Paper – which the company has developed to improve healthcare quality, access and lower costs, the company said.
First of the prototypes demonstrated was the Hospital Tracking System which is an interactive electronic wall that makes use of RFID (radio frequency identification) and wi-fi technology to track the movements and activities of patients, personnel and high-dollar equipment. The company’s Online Health Services were also on display. The device looks like a t-shirt, Accenture said, but has the ability to monitor over 30 physiological signs of the wearer. The device is built to provide 24/7 patient information which healthcare professionals have access to in order to make potentially life-saving decisions. Finally, Accenture showed its Digital Pen and Paper prototype, a device that is used to record patient information directly in an electronic format that can be transmitted to a secure, central server.