Acuo showcases upgraded archive software
Acuo Technologies showcased its upgraded version 4.3 Next Generation Archive software which provides intelligent acquisition, distribution and archiving DICOM image management. The software also now incorporates all the features of the DICOM Supplement 95, the company said.

The Acuo software is able to serve both IT specialists and non-IT healthcare industry professionals, as well as new and legacy DICOM PACS to enhance performance, and to virtualize and consolidate the functions of multiple, unrelated DICOM PACS or storage archives as a single entity.

The new software version also adds more functionality to multiple time-zone management for DICOM image routing and transfer, allowing further specificity to optimize network traffic and bandwidth utilization. Acuo’s distributed DICOM Routers route by any standard or private DICOM tag and/or by RIS connections, all of which can be centrally managed from anywhere on the network.

All Acuo products are fully OEM capable and are available for VAR private branding integration and resale.