Agfa unveils IT vision, portfolio of RHIO-related
Agfa HealthCare gave attendees at the HIMSS 2006 this week in San Diego a looks at its IT strategy for the North American marketplace. Central to the strategy is the planned market introduction of ORBIS, already commercialized in Europe where it is a prominent EMR for enterprise-wide healthcare informatics. ORBIS enables clinicians and administrators to support initiatives such as CPOE (computerized physician order entry), EHR (electronic health record), eRX (electronic prescription), CCR (continuity of care record) and RHIOs (regional healthcare information organizations).

With ORBIS, Agfa will offer an integrated EMR solution that provides an all-encompassing view of clinical as well as administrative information processes. ORBIS addresses the entire healthcare enterprise, including registration, scheduling, order management, results reporting and clinical documentation. Agfa is currently recruiting U.S. test sites for the system and plans a full product launch in 2007.

Beyond ORBIS, Agfa had its complete North American IT portfolio is on display, including:
  • IMPAX Enterprise, a RIS/PACS/Reporting system with persona based workflow and smart client technology for hospital and ambulatory care;
  • IMPAX Mobile for wireless and secure access to images and reports via mobile devices such as PDAs;
  • Agfa’s Heartlab Cardiovascular Solutions; and
  • Agfa iPlan, an internet-based enterprise scheduling solution.
Agfa also highlighted products and services towards the development of RHIOs. Such organizations are expected to significantly improve the delivery of healthcare throughout entire regions of the country, with many Agfa HealthCare products and services, such as Enterprise Clinical Dashboard, IMPAX MPI, and Agfa iPlan, helping to expedite RHIO expansion nationwide.

“By building decentralized yet interconnected patient databases, and making the flow of information from site to site seamless, RHIOs will decrease healthcare costs and improve patient care and patient satisfaction,” said Lenny Reznik, director of Enterprise, Image and Information Management, Agfa HealthCare. “That’s what the industry is looking for and that’s what Agfa’s products, services and technologies are helping to create.”