Airball Products releases new radiograph measurement calibration marker
Airball Products Medical Division has announced the availability of a hollow stainless steel Measurement Calibration Marker (MCM) that provides medical practitioners with a precise measurement reference when viewing film x-rays, CR or DR.

The new 25mm Airball Medical MCM eliminates problems associated with the magnification factor (penumbra effect) of various body parts relative to their distance from the imaging surface, the company said. By providing a precise 25mm imaging reference regardless of the angle of imaging, the MCM  provides a level of measurement accuracy that is not attainable with makeshift methods such as placing a coin in the imaging area or including a 2-dimensional measurement grid.

The Airball Medical MCM is a radio-opaque, lightweight hollow ball manufactured from 440A stainless steel, the same material used in many surgical instruments. It is easily placed, will remain firmly adhered to a patient during the entire imaging process, and is easily removed with no patient discomfort, the company said.