Airbee, Manmar to develop wireless medical information management systems
Airbee Wireless Inc. and Manmar Technologies Ltd., of Chennai, India, will co-develop wireless medical information management systems.

The partnership incorporates Airbee's connectivity software into Manmar's imaging and diagnostic information capture and management systems. Concurrent with the agreement, Manmar may purchase licenses for Airbee's proprietary UltraLite software series. After the appropriate technical interchange, both parties say they will complete a business proposal and issue licenses.

"Manmar is attracted to the Airbee UltraLite because of its ability to reliably and cost-effectively address multi-modality integration in the information management systems we build for the medical institutions around the world," said R. Balasubramanian, CEO of Manmar. The company develops clinical information systems and structured reporting software for ultrasound, cardiology, radiology, laboratory and other diagnostic support systems.

"The vision of Manmar to work with Airbee reaffirms the vast market potential for unwired solutions in medical imaging and diagnostic information management," stated Airbee CEO Raj Sundaresan.