Allscripts strikes deal with Advanced Clinical Software
Allscripts announced today a strategic partnership with Advanced Clinical Software (ACS), the developer of Study Manager Clinical Trials management software.  

The Allscripts and ACS combined solution enables medical practices and research professionals to streamline the process of participating in clinical trials, recruiting patients and electronically reviewing charts. The integration of Study Manager and the TouchWorks Electronic Health Record provides physician practices with the data tools to be more productive in their participation in clinical research, resulting in advanced care options for patients and improved profitability for the practice.  

Study Manager enables research administrators to closely manage study operations including comprehensive, multi-arm, multi-site clinical trials. By monitoring studies in real-time, administrators can take control of their research programs with an intuitive system.

Allscripts also highlighted its participation in the Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology’s (CCHIT) Pilot Study, designed to gauge the testability of CCHIT’s certification criteria for the functionality, interoperability and security of ambulatory electronic health records (EHR) and to demonstrate the effectiveness of its process.