Aloka introduces new diagnostic ultrasound system
Ultrasound systems provider Aloka Co. Ltd. of Japan released a new diagnostic ultrasound system called ProSound alpha 5(1) at the 14th World Congress on Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology (ISUOG) this week in Stockholm, Sweden.

Aloka's ProSound technology transmits and receives noise-free signals to provide diagnostic information in a pure sound field. With harmonic echo, ProSound creates high-resolution, high-sensitivity images only from harmonic components, taking advantage of its wide aperture and pure sound transmission features, said Aloka.

"We have developed a high-speed digital processor specifically for ultrasonic signal processing," said Yoshihiro Yoshikawa, PhD, president of Aloka. "The highly integrated processor delivers a compact front end with the SSD-5500SV's processing capabilities, while reducing power consumption by 40 percent."

Additional features of the system include: D-THE (definitive tissue harmonic echo), multi-beam processing attains a high frame rate and is ideal for observing fast-moving anatomy, iDMS (intelligent Data Management System) easy storage and management of images/patient information designed to support smooth digital communication, FAM (Real-time Free Angular M-mode) and 3D display of the fetus, simple consol panel layout and high mobility with compact system design.