American Medical Sales aligns with Rapidia
PACS provider American Medical Sales Inc. has partnered with Rapidia to synchronize Rapidia 3D viewing software with the Catella PACS product suite.

Rapidia 3D contains tools to generate 3D images from CT or MRI-based 2D image sets. Advanced tools also facilitate surgical planning with user-friendly intelligent presets.

AMS President Daniel J. Giesberg said that with the addition of Rapidia 3D, Catella PACS "now offers an on-demand 3D environment that does not require another computer and monitor. A radiologist can now combine 2D and 3D anatomic manipulation and diagnoses on the same machine, using the same keyboard and mouse."

After reviewing the original images in the 2D mode, a radiologist can invoke a 3D study for image sets which require more advanced interpretation.

Rapidia 3D tools suites include: 3D volume rendering, interactive 3D multi-planar reformation (MPR), 3D localizer, 3D rotating MPR, bone segmentation, multiple object definition, and virtual endoscopy.