AMICAS, NeuroLogica finalize distribution agreement
AMICAS has finalized a distribution agreement with NeuroLogica, a neuroscience-based medical imaging company. The agreement makes AMICAS' software available in NeuroLogica's CereTom, a portable and wireless head and neck mobile CT.

The CereTom portable CT scanner is a compact, lightweight, portable, high speed, and battery- and line-powered multi-slice CT scanner optimized for scanning anatomy such as the head and neck. Designed to make CT scans accessible beyond the large scanners in the radiology department, the CereTom is compact enough to be used in intensive care units, operating rooms, emergency departments, clinics, and locations outside of a healthcare facility.

Physicians using the CereTom portable CT scanner bundled with AMICAS' image management software will be able to provide their patients with a more timely diagnosis as a result of the high quality images delivered directly from the scanner to a Web browser, the companies said. This bundled system will allow specialty physicians, such as neurologists and ear, nose, and throat specialists, to provide a high level of care to patients in an outpatient setting.