AMICAS optimistic about profitable 4th quarter
Amicas Inc. has its eye on a profitable net income for the fourth quarter 2005, though it did have a net loss of $565,000 in Q3, a lower result than the net loss of $371,000 seen during same period in 2005. It's the revenue increase that has them hopeful. During the past quarter, the company saw a revenue jump of 27 percent to $13.6 million.
The company saw a loss of $2.8 million from continuing operations during the first nine months of this year. This marks an improvement from $13.3 million seen during the same period in 2004.

Due to the selling of the company's former medical software division to Cerner, an accurate comparison of net income from this year to last for the past nine months is not possible.

Revenue for first nine months of 2005 increased 27 percent to $38.5 million this year.