ART introduces new biomarkers at AACR
Canadian medical device company ART Advanced Research Technologies Inc. this week introduced its newly acquired Fenestra biomarker technology at the annual conference of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), held from April 2-5 in Washington, D.C.

"Our marketing presence at the AACR meeting, the most important in the world for cancer research, positions ART's Fenestra product line as a unique platform for the future development of biomarkers across multiple imaging modalities," said Micheline Bouchard, president and CEO, ART. "Our initial products, Fenestra VC and Fenestra LC for use in microCT imaging applications, provide researchers studying various disease models, including cancer, with exceptional vascular and hepatobiliary imaging enhancement.”

Since the acquisition of the Fenestra products by ART from Alerion Biomedical Inc. in Q1 of this year, these imaging agents have been gaining momentum in pre-clinical research, demonstrating their value in microCT vascular imaging studies, the company said.

ART expects that in the future they will also add value to PET/CT small animal imaging studies, once these agents have been fully developed for this application.

The Fenestra agents are designed and optimized for use in microCT imaging. The Fenestra product family is comprised of iodinated lipids that provide contrast enhancement integrated into a novel oil-in-water lipid emulsion that selectively localizes the lipids to various sites within the body.