ASTRO: new brochure for patients with brain tumors
The American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ASTRO) has published a new patient information brochure called "Radiation Therapy for Brain Tumors: Facts to Help People Understand Their Treatment Options."
The brochure aims to help patients and their families better understand treatment options for brain tumors, ASTRO said patients can utilize the up-to-date brochure when conversing with their healthcare providers when contemplating radiation therapy as part of their treatment.
The brochure also helps patients find support groups and information on clinical trials.
According to the Central Brain Tumor Registry of the United States, about 40,000 Americans will be diagnosed with a primary brain tumor this year and an estimated 170,000 will be diagnosed with a brain or spinal cord tumor that has spread from another part of the body. Most brain and spinal cord tumors have no known risk factors and occur for no apparent reason. Many patients are not aware that radiation therapy is often combined with surgery and/or chemotherapy to eradicate the tumor.
Free copies can be requested by calling Beth Bukata or Nick Lashinsky at 800-962-7876 or e-mailing or The brochure can also be viewed online at