Barco debuts 30-inch color LCD, partners with Hitachi
CHICAGO, Nov. 27—Barco just announced its formed an exclusive cooperation Hitachi Displays to bring the in-plane switching (IPS-Pro) LCD technology to the healthcare imaging market, and introduced its Coronis Fusion 6MP DL with IPS-Pro LCD technology – the industry’s first 30-inch color LCD. The announcements were made at the 93rd annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA).

“Barco’s selection of IPS-Pro marks a new phase in the acceptance of this superior technology in highly demanding professional applications such as medical imaging, where image fidelity under a wide viewing angle is crucial,” according to Yoshiyuki Imoto, president and CEO of Hitachi.

According to the Brussels, Belgium-based Barco, IPS-Pro improves light transfer by a factor 1.25 and contrast ratio by a factor 2, and it has the advantage that it keeps a diagnostic contrast ratio (of greater than 400:1), a large viewing cone. With IPS-Pro, the angle is 120 degrees, nearly twice the value achieved by other technologies, according to Barco.

The imaging company also said its new Coronis Fusion 6MP DL is a 30-inch color LCD that can be used as two 3 MegaPixel heads or one wide-screen 6 MegaPixel display.

 “The diagnostic community needs versatile PACS imaging solutions capable of presenting grayscale and color-augmented modalities on a single high-resolution monitor. Coronis Fusion 6MP DL is the world’s first diagnostic display system that supports this new paradigm with a seamless 30-inch display. This opens new diagnostic opportunities for radiologists as it enables them to read CT, MR, cath and echo cardiogram images, or any other combination, side by side on a single diagnostic screen” said Paul Matthijs, senior vice president of Barco’s Medical Imaging Division.