Barco reveals new display for softcopy mammography
Barco this week is launching its Coronis 5-megapixel (MP) Mammo, the latest member of its line of Coronis liquid crystal display (LCD) systems.

The new Coronis 5MP Mammo is specifically designed for the interpretation of softcopy mammography, even when used in a PACS (picture archiving and communications systems) environment.

Barco's system bundles two 5MP, 21.3-inch grayscale flat-panel displays with built-in I-Gaurd sensors, an ultra-fast, dual-head BarcoMed display controller, MediCal Pro softcopy QA software, a display driver and digital cabling.

Barco says the Coronis 5MP Mammo is on display at SCAR (Society of Computer Applications in Radiology) exhibition from May 20 - 23 in Vancouver; at the 31st National Conference on Breast Cancer, in Orlando, Fla.; and at the 7th International Workshop on Digital Mammography in Chapel Hill, N.C.