Block Imaging, CANAMET announces new marketing agreement
Block Imaging International Inc., a refurbished medical imaging equipment supplier, has inked an agreement with CANAMET Inc. to market and distribute new non-invasive, diagnostic medical products developed by CANAMET. These new product offerings include Cardiac Motion Correction CT software, motion and noise tolerant Piesometer Mk-1 and the 7 in 1 Vital Signs Monitor with unique transmitting functions for remote and strenuous environments.

The Cardiac Motion Correction CT software updates single-slice through 64-slice CT scanners to perform sophisticated cardiac and 3D imaging capabilities, producing state-of-the-art, motion corrected cardiac and 3D images. The benefits include reduced radiation exposure, removal of cardiac motion artifacts, detection of coronary calcification and calcium scoring and user-friendly 3D visualization. This product is available for distribution worldwide except for in the U.S. where it is currently undergoing FDA approval which is expected this summer.

The Piesometer Mk-1, an automated ambulatory blood pressure monitoring system, already is approved for worldwide distribution and was developed to operate in noisy and unstable environments and allows patient data to be transmitted from remote and inaccessible locations through land and wireless phones or monitored via the internet.