Boston Scientific releases new intravascular ultrasound system
Boston Scientific Corporation recently announced its iLab Ultrasound System for use in the United States. The system uses Intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) technology designed to enable physicians to see images inside the heart and inside coronary and peripheral arteries to assist with diagnosis.

The iLab can be directly installed into the cardiac catheterization lab or radiology suite and includes a tableside controller to provide physicians control of the device within the sterile field. The system also includes the Dynamic Review feature for enhanced image interpretation, and a touch panel provides prompts that correspond to the particular stage of the procedure.

With IVUS, a tiny catheter is inserted into the heart or into a coronary or peripheral vessel where high-frequency sound waves reflect off tissue or vessel walls. The reflected sound waves create a cross-sectional image from within the vessel or heart to aid in visualizing vessel and heart structure. IVUS technology also provides physicians with a clearer view of blocked vessels, which allows for proper selection and placement of stents and other devices to restore blood flow at the site of the blockage, the company said.