Breast MRI CAD gains CPT code
CAD Sciences has announced the creation of the first Category III Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code that can be used for breast MRI CAD reimbursement claims. This new CPT code was established by the American Medical Association (AMA) through a formal process initiated by CAD Sciences, according to a release.

The company said its code submission was substantiated via clinical trials exhibiting the efficacy of the company's Pharmacokinetic Analysis technology for breast.

"CAD Sciences' involvement with this process has led to the historic creation of a Category III code that will allow radiologists the opportunity to properly submit breast MRI reimbursement claims, "said Andreas Muehler, MD, president of CAD Sciences. "Consequently, usage may therefore be documented over time with the goal of converting the Category III to a more permanent Category I code."
Category III codes are designated for emerging services or procedures and are intended for data collection in order to substantiate usage by clinicians or in the FDA approval process.

"It is important for users of CAD Sciences' pharmacokinetic analysis software to utilize this new code as a way to further validate clinical solutions in the fight against breast cancer," said CAD Sciences Chairman and CEO Raymond Joslin.