CAD Makes Its Mark
CAD (computer aided or assisted detection) has taken radiology departments by storm over the last several years. With more companies offering CAD applications, primarily in breast imaging, and many image-worn radiologists seeking their assistance, U.S. CAD sales more than doubled to $65.2 million in 2002 over 2001, according to market research firm Frost & Sullivan.

At RSNA 2003, CAD vendors are rolling out expanded applications for current technologies, with more applications on the drawing board, notably in lung and colon applications.

R2 Technology Inc. (booth #5515) is showing off its new ImageChecker DM CAD system at RSNA this year. The latest technology provides a foundation for the mixed film and digital mammography environment by offering an integrated solution with an open architecture and a vendor-neutral platform to support CAD processing for analog and digital mammography. The system can transmit CAD results to multiple display units and to archive systems.

ImageChecker DM CAD system initially will support digital images acquired on the GE Medical Systems' Senographe 2000D and enhanced interpretative workflow through the integration of R2's CAD CheckMate display with PenRad mammography reporting workstations.

Confirma Inc.'s (booth #1965) newest product is the CADstream 3.0. Initially designed to process breast MRI studies, CADstream 3.0 offers expanded, automated image-processing functions and registers data to correct for patient movement. Confirma says CADstream 3.0 builds on its platform of image registration, subtraction images, angiogenesis maps, multi-planar reformatting, maximum intensity projections, contrast uptake and washout curves and region-of-interest summary series with new features, such as volume summaries, angiogenesis maps with dual thresholds, 3D navigation, customized worklist driven processing, automatic image processing from multiple work lists, enhanced reports and a web-based user interface called CADalyst.

iCAD Inc. (booth #2705) is showing its new MammoReader iNET CAD system designed specifically for clinics and affiliates with multiple offices. Results would be stored on a centrally located MammoReader database and shared with MammoReader review stations that can be placed at any site.

iCAD also will have its new iQ CAD system for clinics that perform a dozen or so mammography procedures daily. Also on display is iCAD's 3.10 release of its MammoReader, which includes features such as bar code wanding, single label mode and distributed case entry.

CADx Systems Inc. (booth #6749) is showcasing three CAD systems at RSNA 2003, as part of the CADx Continuum CAD products. The Second Look Digital CAD for GE Medical Systems' Senographe 2000D digital mammography system and the Second Look Digital CAD for Fischer Imaging Corp.'s SenoScan TrueView digital mammography unit is on display, as well as CADx's Second Look AD analog and digital mammography CAD system.

CADx exhibits several works-in-progress, ranging from CT lung and virtual colon CAD systems to new user interactive CAD software for the CADx Continuum CAD product line.

Deus Technologies Inc.'s (booth #2115) RapidScreen Digital aids radiologists in detecting lung cancer. Deus' technology now is integrated with GE Medical Systems' Revolution digital radiography system for the detection of lung cancer. The system's CAD algorithm has aided in the detection of solitary pulmonary nodules on posterior-anterior (PA) or anterior-posterior (AP) digital chest radiographs. RapidScreen Digital also can help reduce the likelihood of missing small (T1) lung cancers, most of which are early-stage lung cancers.