Camtronics' CardioIMS pulses at Children's Heart Center in Ohio
The Children's Heart Center of Columbus Children's Hospital in Ohio has signed an agreement to purchase and implement CardioIMS, a pediatric cardiovascular information system from Camtronics Medical Systems Ltd., a subsidiary of Analogic Corp.

CardioIMS is a browser-based information system that provides clinicians with access to cardiology-specific information, including images, results, medications, and diagnoses. The system features tools such as scheduling, clinical and administrative reporting, document distribution, patient tracking, and results reporting to the hospital billing system.

"Our objective was to gain access to the hospital information systems for ADT, scheduling, orders from CPOE, results, and billing," said Eric Vaughn, vice president of the hospital. "We also needed to integrate with the center's modality reporting and imaging systems for echocardiography, cardiac cath, ECG, pathology, and surgery."