Camtronics offers customers UDO option
Camtronics Medical Systems is giving customers using its VERICIS cardiovascular image and information management system the option to use Ultra-Density Optical (UDO) next-generation high-capacity optical technology to meet their storage needs.
Based on Blue-Laser technology, the 5.25-inch optical media provides three times the storage capacity of a standard dual-sided DVD. Each UDO disk is contained within a slim cartridge that prevents scratching and damage. UDO cartridges are also bar-coded, allowing them to be indexed in professional-grade media jukeboxes.
UDO technology was developed by Plasmon. The first generation UDO has a capacity of 30 gigabytes on a dual-sided disk. It provides more than three times the storage of standard consumer-based DVD technology. Future generations are expected to have 60 GB and 120 GB and will have full backward read compatibility, according to Dave Berg, director, Medical Business Development at Plasmon.