Candelis reveals lots in store for ImageGrid users
Candelis Inc. introduced two product and service add-ons for ImageGrid users and featured the new ImageGrid 1500 PACS appliance that meets the growing demand among healthcare professionals for cost-effective and reliable image and data management.

Candelis’s ImageGrid is a line of DICOM industry-standard PACS appliances optimized for digital-image access and routing. The storage technology provides image management and highly reliable storage and archive capabilities in a fully-integrated storage server platform. According to Candelis, the two new product and service add-ons for ImageGrid include ImageGrid View and Health Level 7 (HL7) medical industry standard support to provide integration and interoperability with existing HL7 HIS and RIS.

The new ImageGrid View enables imaging facilities to securely share DICOM medical data and images within their network of referring physicians and other remote-location users. The Web-based viewer provides non-diagnostic viewing capabilities and includes features such as viewing multiple studies side by side as well as image processing attributes. Image processing capabilities provide users complete image control for enhanced viewing while annotation functions allow viewers to add, edit and attach multiple annotations to images. Additional features include measurement tools that calculate distance, area and angle, and export functions that translate DICOM format to common image formats such as JPEG for easy distribution and sharing.
The ImageGrid PACS appliance also offers optional HL7 industry-standard support to empower users to exchange information with other HL7-compliant applications such as HIS and RIS. The capability allows users to import and exchange patient demographics, visits, orders and transcribed data onto the ImageGrid. 

Candelis said its ImageGrid 1500 is designed to accommodate data-intensive imaging modalities such as 64-slice CT and high-end MRI systems. The ImageGrid 1500 offers up to 11.25 terabytes of raw capacity in an easy-to-implement 3U form factor. The ImageGrid 1500 is available separately or bundled with ImageGrid ILM software integrated with Sony Advance Intelligence Tape (AIT) library for comprehensive Information Lifecycle Management (ILM), Candelis said.  With ImageGrid ILM software, users can migrate historical images and data to tape for long-term archiving and recover disk storage capacity using the software’s storage retention feature.

For diagnostic imaging facilities with multiple modalities, Candelis said the ImageGrid 1500 receives DICOM images and data from any number of modalities for archiving and routing to/from workstations on a local area network or a virtual private network.  An optional integrated Web-based DICOM viewer can also provide referring physicians with non-diagnostic viewing and access to the ImageGrid. To help meet HIPAA requirements for patient files and imaging studies, a second ImageGrid can be deployed at a secure offsite location and a copy of all studies can be routed based on rules, policies and guidelines established using a Web-based user interface.