Carestream Health
Carestream’s SuperPACS Architecture will allow multi-site healthcare facilities to communicate patient information and imaging exams effectively among disparate RIS/PACS.
Carestream Health (7411) is showcasing a new patient web portal and touch screen patient check-in kiosk that will be part of its latest RIS (shown as a work in progress).

With the web-portal, patients can log in, register and review their personal information using electronic patient signature technology. The kiosk allows patients who are scheduled for an imaging exam to validate or change their appointment online. The new RIS' Microsoft Windows' .net framework will also allow customers to tailor and change features as needed, according to Carestream.

The company is also demonstrating its new SuperPACS Architecture as a work in progress that will: synchronize patient and exam data from all sites and allow the data to be shared and read securely within the enterprise, produce a common global worklist that allows reading of studies at any location and support multiple patient identification numbers using IHE profiles such as PIX.

Also showing as a work in progress is Carestream's RIS, which has a secure web portal that enables patients to re-schedule an imaging appointment. The feature can be used for screening programs or for routine imaging studies. With a Microsoft .NET framework, this thin-client platform will simplify system management, while also enabling full Windows functionality at each workstation. Updates can be downloaded and installed across a single facility or a large multi-site enterprise, and the same features can be made available to any authorized user whether they are using the internet or a network to access the system, according to the company.