Charitable rads bring medical imaging to the far reaches of the developing world

Lacking hospitals, rural villagers in India needed a mobile imaging clinic to screen women for cancers and osteoporosis. Absent a medical school, the islanders of Cape Verde off the coast of Africa needed trained radiologists and techs to show people how to take and read x-rays.

And, armed with donated imaging equipment but untrained in its use, folks in Laos just needed someone to show them how.

Enter Rad-Aid International, the medical aid organization based in Chevy Chase, Md., whose mission is to increase and improve radiology resources in the developing and impoverished countries of the world.

“You can't get to other areas of healthcare without radiology,” Daniel Mollura, MD, the radiologist who launched the work eight years ago, tells the Baltimore Sun.

The newspaper published a feature article on the group May 2. Read the whole thing: