Clario Medical Imaging Receives FDA Clearance for z3D Contrast Acuity
Clario Medical Imaging has announced that its z3D Contrast Acuity software has received 510(k) clearance from the FDA.

z3D Contrast Acuity uses advanced computer graphics to enhance visualization of medical images to aid diagnosis with more efficiency. z3D is used to assist in the efficient analysis of multi-modality, digital images, including MR, CT, x-ray, PET and nuclear medicine images, the company said.

The addition of z3D to CAD provides the following benefits, according to Clario Medical Imaging:
  • Enhances visualization of time-intensity changes in T1-weighted images and subtractions;
  • Animates dynamic contrast enhancement;
  • Animates contrast arrival time and CAD parametric map; and
  • Displays morphological detail and internal architecture
  • 3D will be initially distributed to customers through a license agreement with Confirma Inc. and Invivo Corp.