CMS helps clinics utilize networks, unveils IMRT software, product upgrades
Radiotherapy clinical software provider CMS Inc. introduced a new family of advanced technology systems called CMS Direct, new IMRT software and various product upgrades at the American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ASTRO) annual meeting in Denver, Colo., in mid-October.

A new 4.3 version of CMS's flagship treatment planning software XiO and Focal was demonstrated. This version includes multi plan review; color wash dose display; doses on fused images and on beam's eye view; user labeling of jaws and MLC; editing closed leaf positions for MLC; print templates, and a non-clinical version of the Monte Carlo dose calculation.

CMS previewed a new product within the Focal line called the Focal DVS, a dose verification and plan review tool. This prototype is the result of a partnership with Sicel Technologies announced earlier this year. The software module integrates with Sicel's DVS (Dose Verification System) to collect information such as patient name, sensor identification and dose information from Sicel's implantable dosimeters and will display this information alongside other patient treatment and image data stored in the Focal system. This software will allow physicians to obtain actual verification of dose at depth and compare measured dose at various points of interest with the expected dose from the treatment plan. Sicel's implantable sensors are currently under FDA review.

The company also had on display its new CMS Direct, a suite of products designed to help clinical practices take full advantage of their networking capabilities, boost efficiency, and protecting and organize clinical patient data. The CMS product line includes the following components:
  • CMS Direct MultiVue houses the XiO and Focal systems together in a storage rack. The applications are then displayed to a client system;

  • CMS Direct Storage provides a networked solution for the daily storage and back-up of data; and

  • CMS Direct Access includes the CMS Broadband features which allow users to access patient plans remotely over the internet.   
CMS also previewed Monaco, an IMRT treatment planning system using biologically-based optimization with optional dose and dose/volume (DVH) constraints.  Based on the Monte Carlo dose calculation, Monaco is designed to provide templates of class solutions. The product is pending 510(k) approval in the U.S.

Additionally, the company also demonstrated Interplant, a system for pre-planning and intraoperative management of seed placement. The upgraded Interplant 3.3 incorporates several enhancements and planning tools: new improved efficiencies allow the clinicians to automatically create prostate margin contours; users can now define DVH parameters for viewing during actual implant; and the system includes Dynamic Dosimetry for visualization of dose buildup using real-time seed position feedback during intra-operative treatment planning made possible with the 3-axis encoded AccuSeed DS digital stepper.