Codonics features soon-to-be released printer, disc recorder

Codonics this week at the Annual Meeting of the Society of Nuclear Medicine in San Diego was showcasing its Horizon XL printer for long bone use, the Virtua integrated disc recorder and the EP-1000 color printer.

Horizon XL is a new digital, dry long film that is available in two sizes: 14-by-36 inch and 14-by-51 inch, for use with the company's Horizon multi-media dry imager. It will be available late this month. The film is suited for spine and scoliosis use, long bone hip-to-ankle studies, as well as pediatric and adult spines. Digitally stitched film from CR and DR modalities can be printed on one, continuous film.

Virtua is an integrated disc recorder for recording and labeling CD and DVD media with radiographic studies. The system integrates dual CD/DVD drives, a high-speed printer, a touch screen user interface, and a high performance embedded computer into a standalone DICOM peripheral that handles all medical CD and DVD recording needs. It offers a 160 GB hard drive and can operate in manual or automatic modes. They system also customizes CDs with facility logos and automatically prints patient information for easy identification. Codonics said the system will be on the market late this month, and will be sold by GE Healthcare as well.

The EP-1000, which Codonics is now selling direct as well as through vendor partners, is an entry level color desktop network printer that is FDA approved for medical use.