Compressus adding 3D to diagnostic workstation

Compressus Inc. yesterday announced that it will add 3D medical imaging analysis capabilities to its MEDxConnect System and diagnosticStation workstations. The new tools will be made possible through the company’s partnership with Biotronics3D and its 3DNet Examiner medical analysis technology, according to a release.

The MEDxConnect 3D-Station provides an assortment of features for medical imaging volume visualization, including an extensive set of tools for 3D volume 'de-composition' and tissue segmentation. Pending FDA clearance, the 3DNet Examiner tools include semiautomatic segmentation techniques and 3D component calculation, measurement, quantitative report and visualization. The rendering component for 3D visualization is software-based and can be used with any graphics card on any Windows-based desktop computer or notebook. It includes a 'one click' rendering mode designed to assist doctors in performing faster and more accurate diagnosis of cross sectional examinations.

The 3D-Station will also allow doctors to display and compare 2 datasets on the same screen (or on different screens). The datasets can be the same volume displayed at different settings, or two CT volumes or a CT and an MRI or two MRI volumes, the company said.

The MEDxConnect System acts as a communications hub, enabling disparate PACS, HIS, RIS and other data information systems to connect and communicate across the enterprise. The cornerstone of the system is the ConnectServer with open-architected software that creates a virtual archive and database, enabling high speed enterprise wide data transfer from any acquisition device to any workstation.