Compressus adds RIS to its RadSight line
Compressus Inc. has expanded its RadSight product line with a new radiology information system (RIS). The RadSight line has been developed as an affordable electronic image distribution system especially geared for small and medium-sized hospitals, the company said.

The new scalable RadSight RIS adds tools to manage patient studies, workflow information and patient procedure status. The RIS attaches accurate patient information to the right diagnostic images, and then ensures the correct routing of studies to the appropriate healthcare personnel. Like the other components of RadSight, the RIS is web-based, providing on- and off-site access and optimizing the use of existing technology assets. 

The RadSight suite has been up and running for 12 months in four member hospitals of the Nevada Rural Hospital Partners (NRHP) system, under a program called the Diagnostic Imaging Solution for Rural Nevada (DISRN). Based upon the success to date of the DISRN project in four community hospitals, the NRHP is now planning an expansion to seven more hospitals in 2006.
The RadSight product line consists of:  
  • The connectServer provides connectivity among all system components and routing of images according to predefined rules;
  • The diagnosticStation retrieves and presents digital medical via a LAN, WAN or the internet;
  • The webStation  provides round-the-clock access to "lossless" medical data files from virtually any PC that connected to the internet; and
  • The archiveServer, an easy-to-use storage service that meets all state and local study-retention requirements at reduced cost.