Confirma introduces new breast MRI CADstream capabilities at ISMRM
MRI computer-aided-detection provider Confirma Inc. this week announced expanded capabilities for its CADstream for breast MRI. The company is showcasing the new additions at the 2006 ISMRM Scientific Meeting currently underway at the Washington Convention Center in Seattle.

The expanded capabilities include Morphology Characterization through CADstream's volume analysis tool and SureLoc, CADstream's interventional guidance tool. Expanded products include CADalog for instant prior study recall, SureLoc-C for dedicated interventional guidance in the MRI suite and CADstream-C for dedicated diagnostic interpretation at a single-reader breast MRI reading console, the company said.

More details regarding the features include:
  • Morphology Characterization – CADstream's morphological feature helps physicians determine the shape of a 3-dimensional lesion by looking at the margins of that lesion in relation to an automatically-placed elliptical margin, which helps the physician determine the shape or eccentricity of the lesion; SureLoc an interventional guidance tool – now compatible with all interventional guidance methods and equipment, and includes an instant processing algorithm with needle insertion path, subtractions and uptake maps available immediately. SureLoc calculates needle position and insertion coordinates in real-time and supports angled needle access and medial, lateral and cranial-caudal approaches;
Expanded Products:
  • CADalog provides instant recall of a patient's prior studies through CADalyst, CADstream's network-based user interface;

  • SureLoc-C is a dedicated console for real-time interventional guidance that resides in the MRI suite. Interventional studies are sent to SureLoc, where the physician targets the lesion(s) and an automated target report is quickly generated and used at the point of procedure;

  • CADstream is now available as a dedicated console for breast MRI interpretation called CADstream-C. This system configuration has been designed specifically for early breast MRI programs needing a single breast MRI reading console.