Confirma shows efficiency of CAD for breast MR
Confirma Inc. this week highlighted its CADstream 3.0 computer-aided detection system for breast MRI studies featuring more automated features to help radiologists achieve higher quality imaging studies, lower costs for their practices and better communication among physicians and patients.

 CADstream 3.0, available since September, zeros in on the higher rate of contrast agent (gadolinium) uptake by malignant breast tissue, due to angiogenesis of the tumor. The system checks the MRI volume, marking areas of suspicion as well as providing enhancement curve types that have been proven in research to provide patterns among cancerous areas. Some 50 units have been installed to date.

 Overall, the automation of CAD for breast MR offers the potential to cut 30 minutes from the technologist's and radiologist's day. Once an MR scan is performed, CADstream software takes 10 minutes to reconstruct 3D images, which generally take a radiologist 10 minutes to review. Studies can then be saved on a PACS, sent automatically to a referring physician, printed to a color printer or put on CD.

 There are currently four CPT codes for breast MR image processing, including 76375 for multiplanar reformatting; 76350 for subtraction in conjunction with contrast studies; 76375-26 for physician interpretation of 3D reconstruction; and 76375-59 for independent procedure code.