DeJarnette inks data migration service agreements with McKesson and Fujifilm
DeJarnette Research Systems Inc. has signed a data migration service agreement with McKesson Corp. and a data migration licensing pact with Fujifilm Medical Systems USA Inc.

DeJarnette's PACSware Migration Gateway 2.0 toolkit technology will provide migration services to McKesson and Fuji customers. The Microsoft Windows-based toolkit supports the migration of legacy PACS data to McKesson and Fuji PACS, as well as from legacy ultrasound PACS.

According to DeJarnette, the service supports multiple migration strategies, including study-based migration, platter volume-based migration, priority RAID migration, pre-fetched based migration, ad-hoc migration and double pitch operation. The service supports functionality which allows for pre-migration worklists to be generated based on numerous criteria, post-migration incremental migration worklists, migration scheduling to minimize interference with daily clinical operations, multi-migration engine operation to speed migration, DICOM data clean-up and data verification.