Diagnosed with flu, teen gets 2nd opinion—and CT shows stage 4 lymphoma

A 15-year-old has made national headlines being told he had the flu when it was really stage 4 cancer, according to a recent article by CBS News.

Hunter Brady from Tampa, Florida, fell ill around New Year's, leading doctors to initially believe it was just another case of the flu in an already difficult winter season.

According to CBS, his doctors didn't run any tests and said the illness was likely caused by a virus. However, the teen and his family found out, after having to personally order a CT scan, that Brady had stage 4 Hodgkin's lymphoma.

"Hunter not only had a collapsed lung containing a large amount of fluid, but he also had severely swollen lymph nodes," according to CBS.

The teen's family recently held a benefit run to raise money to help with medical bills for his numerous rounds of chemotherapy treatment, three of which he has already completed.

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