Digi-Solve launches outsourced digitizing service for digital mammo
Digi-Solve this week announced the launch of its outsourced digitizing service. By utilizing digitizers to turn prior analog mammograms into high-quality digital images, Digi-Solve enables medical facilities to transition from film-based to digital mammography without capital and labor costs.

According to company, facilities beginning the transition from film to digital can outsource digitization to enable radiologists to enhance throughput and speed workflow by:
  • Reducing the staff required to pull and digitize priors;  
  • Eliminating the need to hang priors on  alternators;  
  • Providing more optimal lighting  conditions;  
  • Reducing eye strain and potential headaches;  and  
  • Improving the ability to diagnose more  effectively
To complement its outsourced digitizing solution, Digi-Solve also offers equipment rental and purchase options as well as scheduling, transfer and storage services to meet varying digital mammography requirements. Customized digitization services for other modalities are also available, the company said.