ECRI offers report on cassette-less digital x-ray systems
Health services research agency ECRI has made available its report on cassette-less digital x-ray systems.

ECRI's March issue of Health Devices covers systems from six suppliers -- Canon Medical Systems, Fujifilm Medical Systems USA, Imaging Dynamics, Eastman Kodak Co., Siemens Medical Solutions and Swissray International - and compared the technologies with three systems -- from Del Medical Systems, GE Healthcare and Philips Medical Systems -- evaluated in its November 2001 issue.

ECRI assessed the ability of these systems to provide at least the same amount of diagnostic information as conventional screen-film systems, while increasing the overall efficiency of the radiology department and the healthcare facility.

ECRI said that the evaluation found that "each system provides a slightly different trade-off between image quality and usability. Three of the systems evaluated were rated Preferred due to their excellent image quality, good ease of use, and the wide range of exams they could provide using a single detector."

ECRI's ratings are based on test results and information obtained through interviews with system suppliers and users.