EIZO announces new 3MP LCD monitor
Eizo Nanao Corporation last week announced its new RadiForce 3 megapixel monochrome LCD monitor designed for applications such as PACS, chest radiology, CT, and MRI.
The product includes a digital uniformity equalizer (DUE), which enables compensation for luminance non-uniformity. Luminance uniformity is an important factor within quality control standards and guidelines, such as AAPM, DIN, JESRA and IEC for monitors used in diagnostic imaging.
Furthermore, other advantages of DUE are total cost of ownership (TCO) and prolonged lifetime. Over time, the maximum luminance and luminance distribution across the display deteriorate and DUE helps to regulate this and thus prolongs the life of the monitor, the company said.
The GS310 also comes with a CAL Switch function, where calibration modes can be selected for any specific image, such as CR and CT, from the front panel buttons. Furthermore, with ScreenManager Pro for Medical installed, auto-calibration mode setting is possible with the function Auto CAL Switch, EIZO said.
EIZO offers both MED3mp-PPP and the VREngineSMD5-PCI for the RadiForce GS310. Both boards contain twin DVI-I outputs and support both portrait and landscape viewing without the need for additional software.
Additional Features
  • Compatible with EIZO’s remote calibration device ‘Clip-On Swing Sensor’ using EIZO’s quality control software RadiCS and RadiNET Pro.;
  • Compliance with stringent medical, safety, and EMC emissions standards including TÜV/GM, the CE Medical Device Directive and cTÜVus;
  • Choice of either a clear base and blue base;
  • ScreenManager Pro for Medical bundled utility software allows handling of OSD functions; and
  • Multiple flexible arm-mounts and wall-mounts.