Eizo partners with Matrox
Eizo Nanao Corp. will now bundle Matrox Graphics Inc.'s RAD PCI display controller board with its Eizo RadiForce G22, G21, G20, G11, R22, R12 and upcoming 3 MP color medical displays.

The RAD PCI Series display controller boards features dual-output support of up to 2 MP grayscale and 3 MP color for reviewing; assessing and diagnosing capabilities, high image quality and flexible multi-display capabilities to medical workstations; offers accelerated image manipulation and performance; and support from the Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) software development toolkit.

Additionally, the RAD PCI display controller boards include a Hardware Pivot for portrait image displays; the latest PCI boards are also capable of providing numerous combinations of color and grayscale displays in stretched or independent modes with Matrox's real-time grayscale processing technology ExtendiGray, Matrox said.