Elekta outlines R&D efforts for IGRT
Elekta is working closely with its Elekta Synergy Research Group - a consortium of international healthcare organizations operating Elekta Synergy research systems at their institutions - to develop additional workflow-enhancing software tools to deliver IGRT (image-guided radiation therapy) into mainstream clinical use.

Elekta Synergy is a radiation treatment machine equipped with an integrated 3D volume imaging system. The technology enables doctors to obtain images of patients at the time of treatment to more precisely target tumors with radiation treatment beams.

The three workflow-enhancing software tools for Elekta Synergy Technology that are undergoing further development to enhance clinic workflow management include volume mode (VolumeView), sequence mode (MotionView) and single image mode (PlanarView).

VolumeView is designed to improve current radiation therapy processes by addressing motion and organ deformation that may occur between treatments. MotionView addresses motion that may occur during treatment. PlanarView is intended to provide high-quality 2D images of bony anatomy or fiducial markers to enable corrections due to patient motion that may occur between treatments.