Emageon renews agreement with New Jersey Hospital Association
NJHA's (New Jersey Hospital Association) Corporate Services announced it has renewed its agreement with Emageon for technology that securely manages the enterprise storage and distribution of medical images to its institutional members. Emageon's technology is built to allow healthcare organizations to manage, visualize, analyze, and share patient information with referring physicians. The suite of applications, called Enterprise Visual Medical System (EVMS), includes the company's RadSuite, HeartSuite, OrthoSuite, and Integration products. EVMS helps facilities in consolidation of content management, at an application and database level, across multiple departments, hospitals, and provider locations. This eliminates redundancy in silos of software, hardware, and support costs that accompany typical PACS deployments and architectures. RadSuite, HeartSuite, OrthoSuite, and Integration are modules that deliver a comprehensive set of diagnostic class tools for multiple medical specialties and clinicians across a seamless interface, Emageon says.