EMC announces highly scalable, flexible addition to DMX series
EMC Corporation this week announced the new Symmetrix DMX-3 system a next-generation high-end storage platform of the company's Symmetrix DMX-2 Series of systems. In addition to including new functionality, storage capacity, and increased scalability, the new system has been designed to be compatible with the technology that current DMX users already possess, something that customers have long sought after, EMC said.

This new system has been designed to meet other customer needs as well, including a lower total cost of ownership (TCO), regulation compliance, data protection/recovery, and a means by which to deal with the ever increasing level of complexity of the information being stored by the types of systems, according to Dave Donatelli, Executive Vice President, Storage Platform Operations, in comments during a webcast regarding the DMX-3.

"The new EMC Symmetrix DMX family delivers on the scalable design promise of the DMX architecture," said Donatelli, separately in a release. EMC introduced new software capabilities last year, and the new system includes this functionality which "reduces costs for our customers in terms of hardware and software acquisition and maintenance and reduces operational and management expenses. We're allowing customers to do more with less hardware, greatly enhancing total cost of ownership," Donatelli added.

Some of the system's features include increased processing power and internal bandwidth, as well as new memory technology and support for lower cost disk drives. Additionally, through the system users can replace multiple existing storage platforms with a single system. The initial version of the storage array will support as much as 960 disk drives, but will be increased to 1,920 disk drives in the first half of 2006 and pushed to over 2,000 by the end of next year.

The system architecture can support high-end configurations in a single array with near linear performance scalability as channel directors, memory directors and disk directors are added to the system. The Symmetrix DMX-3 also includes double the previous internal bandwidth, processing power and the addition of fully mirrored global memory directors based on DDR (Dual Data Rate) SDRAM memory technologies.

The system's array is composed of a single system bay and separate storage bays which are powered independently. An added bonus is that the system capacity can be upgraded non-disruptively by adding either another storage bay or adding additional disk drives into available space. Likewise, additional processing power can be added by installing additional director boards while the system is online.

The entire Symmetrix DMX Series will support new low-cost Fibre Channel (LC-FC) disk drives. This latest disk drive technology, expected to be available in early 2006, will enable 'in-the-box' tiered storage, allowing multiple tiers of storage to be implemented in a single Symmetrix DMX system.

This initial Symmetrix DMX-3 release is now available for order and shipments are expected to begin in September.