eRAD releases plug-in-modules, announces new HQs
eRAD Inc. this week introduced three additional plug-in-modules to enhance the functionality of its eRAD PACS offering.

The multiplanar reconstruction (MPR) module provides support for creating orthogonal and oblique views from a single series of CT or MR images. Available on eRAD's dedicated and web-enabled workstations, users can scroll through, annotate and archive the MPR series, in addition to attaching it to the report as a key image, eRAD said. 

The 3D rendering module provides support for creating and viewing 3D objects. Users can create a shaded volume from a single CT or MRI series, rotate it in three-dimensional space, define cut planes and apply segmentation algorithms. The plug-in, which is available on the PracticeBuilder 1-2-3 dedicated and web-enabled workstations, also supports maximum intensity projection (MIP), eRAD said.

The orthopedic templating plug-in-module adds a prosthetic device templating tool to the Practice Builder 1-2-3 dedicated workstation. The module integrates OrthoView's templating technology into PracticeBuilder 1-2-3, and includes electronic templates from device manufacturers, eRAD said. The plug-in assists the users in selecting the most appropriate prosthetic device, and generates a detailed report that includes measurements, sizes and part numbers, according to eRAD.

In related news, eRAD has named its office in Greenville, S.C. as the new world headquarters for the company. eRAD said it will move into their new facility after RSNA.