FDA clears Siemens MammoReport(Plus)
Siemens Medical Solutions has been granted FDA clearance for its MammoReport(Plus) mammography softcopy reporting workstation.
The clearance allows for the processing of digital computer-aided (CAD) images and mammograms from approved vendors, expanded indications for multimodality viewing, and use with FDA-cleared monitors for the interpretation of lossless compressed images, Siemens said.
MammoReport(Plus) works in conjunction with Siemens MAMMOMAT Novation. The application features hanging protocols that allow for the viewing of images and previous examinations from all modalities, including magnetic resonance (MR) and ultrasound. The system also utilizes 2D tools such as distance measuring, magnifications and post-processing for improved workflow.
Siemens' MAMMOMAT Novation features a flat panel detector based on amorphous Selenium detector technology. The technology enables a direct conversion of x-ray to digital information.
Siemens is showcasing MammoReport(Plus) at the National Consortium of Breast Centers (NCBC) 2005 Conference in Las Vegas, Feb. 27 - March 2.