Gamma Medica-Ideas introduces new gamma camera
Gamma Medica-Ideas announced Tuesday a new fully solid-state gamma camera for the company's FLEX pre-clinical imaging platform to produce improvements in SPECT imaging. The new GM-I camera is built using high performance cadmium zinc telluride crystals from GM-I partner eV-PRODUCTS of Saxonburg, Pa. GM-I uses its own integrated front-end application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) to build the CZT crystals into fully solid-state gamma camera detector modules, according to a release.
The major advantages of GM-I's solid-state camera lie in the much improved signal-to-noise ratio the CZT detector technology provides. When a gamma ray strikes GM-I's solid-state crystal, an electrical signal is produced in the crystal, which directly generates a digital image. By contrast, all other gamma cameras use a vacuum-tube technology that has been relatively unchanged for over 50 years, the company said.
GM-I's new direct digital camera delivers much sharper images and opens up previously unattainable imaging protocols, such as the simultaneous imaging of isotopes with similar energies, the company said.