GE furnishes new British Columbia hospital
The new Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Cancer Centre (ARHCC) in British Columbia, Canada, has installed various GE Healthcare technologies to help its physicians diagnose a range of diseases. 

As part of the agreement, GE said it delivered its 1.5T TWINSpeed HDxt MRI for the hospital’s new neonatal intensive care unit focused on high-risk newborns, real-time monitoring of the emergency room beds, wireless, bedside nurse call stations and expanded surgical suites with a focus on cardiac care.

ARHCC will offer services, including digital mammograms, CT, mobile and digital X-ray units, complete physiological monitoring systems, telemetry systems and other wireless communication tools; gamma cameras, portable ultrasound units, one bone densitometer, anesthesia patient systems and portable vital signs monitors among other technologies, according to the company.

GE said it is also providing medical imaging management, physician information management and a full suite of surgery-related solutions for the new facility.