GE Healthcare
GE Healthcare (Booth 5529) is displaying and demonstrating innovations in its women’s imaging product line including its Senographe full-field digital mammography (FFDM) platform, new offerings in ultrasound, and highlights in breast MRI.

The firm’s Senographe DS FFDM features a narrow tube head and slow compression, which contributes to patient comfort. The Senographe DS FFDM platform integrates screening, diagnosis and interventional capabilities all in one system featuring a dual-track anode with a molybdenum/rhodium filter that increases image quality cross all breast tissue types; automatic optimization of parameters; and a Sharp IQ grid that cleans up scatter, ensuring image clarity even with dense breast tissue.
GE's Senographe Essential allows precision imaging of virtually any woman in a single exposure or view. The enlarged detector easily accommodates large breast images without degradation of small breast images, the company says. Digital capabilities optimize workflow and connectivity, while providing 3D images and capacity for interventional mammography procedures.
The Senographe Essential FFDM platform features a 24 x 31 cm size detector, seamless integration and optimized image matrix for improved workflow, and an ergonomic design that supports productivity for the entire clinical staff.
The Voluson E8 advanced imaging platform takes women's health ultrasound to greater heights with advancements in image quality, automation, probe technology and image analysis. Applications geared towards women’s healthcare being highlighted include: Sonography-based Automated Volume Count (SonoAVC), which automatically calculates the number and volume of hypoechoic structures in a volume sweep. In addition, Sonography-based Volume Computer Aided Diagnosis (SonoVCAD) is being demonstrated; this feature helps standardize image orientation of the fetal heart by providing views automatically obtained from a single volume acquisition.

In breast MRI, GE is showcasing an 8- channel breast array with superior signal-to-noise and better access for interventional procedures. GE’s VIBRANT (volume imaging for breast assessment) high-definition technology enables a non-invasive imaging procedure of both breasts simultaneously, in a single patient visit. VIBRANT–XV further expands the capability to acquire high-resolution images at high speed, providing both exquisite anatomical detail as well as critical kinetic information.
GE Healthcare is the only MRI vendor with a dedicated, breast-specific spectroscopy package. GE’s MR BREASE can help improve the ability to characterize benign breast lesions by showing differentiated concentrations of choline, according to the company.