GE Healthcare's interventional x-ray system for OR gets FDA approval
GE Healthcare has received clearance from the FDA for its newest fluoroscopic imaging system, the OEC Altitude. The fixed-room, ceiling-suspended system that provides high-resolution images during real-time and is intended to accommodate the workflow requirements of the operating room. This system is designed to maximize operating room time and increase efficiency in routine procedures with its high power generator, advanced cooling systems, and multiple imaging modes.

GE also has added Motion Tolerant Subtraction (MTS) to the OEC Altitude, an imaging application that can manage movement and allows surgeons to capture sharp, clear images with enhanced details. Patients receive a lower x-ray dose and reduced contrast during fluoroscopic imaging.

"The flexibility of the Altitude will allow vascular surgeons to treat more patients with more efficiency and better surgical outcomes," said Juan Parodi, MD, professor of surgery, Washington University School of Medicine, and head of endovascular surgery at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, Mo. "Seventy percent of our vascular treatments are minimally invasive procedures.  The patients will benefit from a shorter procedure, which could lead to reduced trauma and shorter hospital stays."

Parodi expects the Altitude fixed C-arm system to accommodate 20 percent more endovascular procedures during an average shift in an operating room.