GE makes life a little more comfortable for sonographers
GE Healthcare last week unveiled its ultrasound SonoErgonomics ergonomic features designed for its LOGIQR 9 and LOGIQ 7 volume ultrasound systems. The aim is to improve comfort during scanning limit physical stress for sonographers, the company said.

"With input from thousands of LOGIQ ultrasound system users worldwide, our engineers focused on bringing the ultimate in comfort features to our customers, addressing every facet of the sonographer/scanner interaction," said Terri Bresenhem, general manager, Diagnostic Ultrasound and IT, in a release.

Through these new features, users will be able to position the new 17-inch flat screen monitor to the most comfortable viewing location for each individual study. An adjustable-arm provides increased positioning flexibility, affording the user an improved line of site and the potential for less neck strain. Additionally, the new design allows the monitor to be folded flat for clear visibly during transport.

The new design also is built to allow users to keep everything within arm's reach with an adjustable keyboard that helps to reduce reaching and hyperextension. The keyboard is height-adjustable on the LOGIQ 7. And, on the LOGIQ 9 engineering imagination was taken a step further with a floating keyboard console that elevates, rotates and extends for the ultimate flexibility in positioning.

Voice-activated operation also is available via wireless speech recognition technology. The company's VoiceScan is able to recognize more than 150 voice commands for a number of system functions, such as trackball movements. Through this technology, sonographers will be able to perform multiple tasks simultaneously as both of their hands will be available.

Other LOGIQ features include the ability to perform virtual rescans so that users can sit versus stand to reduce the amount of time reaching and reduce the amount of probe time per exam; one-touch efficiency from redundant keystrokes with color touch screen and programmable keys; wheels that swivel and lock for easy transport and parking; light weight transducers and GE's ErgoSuite ergonomic table, chair and accessories, and a gel warmer to heat gel before it is applied to a patient's skin, GEHC said.