Global Care Quest will put medical images just a handheld device away

A new system from Global Care Quest Inc. will enable physicians to review medical images on handheld devices such as smartphones or PDAs instead of a standard radiography display. The system, called ICIS PocketPACS, is the latest in Global Care Quest’s line of Integrated Clinical Information System (ICIS).

The viewing application takes images from most PACS and sends them to a handheld device via a wireless or high-speed cellular phone network. The system can display and manipulates chest x-rays, bone x-rays, CT scans, MRI scans, and most other medical imaging modalities, the company said.

Other image viewing functions offered by ICIS PocketPACS include zoom, pan, multi-slice CT scrolling, Cine mode, window-level contrast adjustments, and image inversion and rotation. The system will display all PACS images at the maximum screen size and image resolution of which the handheld device is capable. In most situations, ICIS PocketPACS displays diagnostic quality images suitable for assessment and patient triaging, the company said.

ICIS PocketPACS also can be used as part of the complete ICIS Mobile system that provides real-time access to electronic medical records, bedside monitoring equipment, physician's notes, labs and more.
ICIS PocketPACS will be available in October.